Stephen Richardson

Stephen Richardson,  President

Steve RichardsonStephen Richardson’s years of experience encompass carpentry, interior construction, millwork and flooring. His earliest work was as a carpenter’s assistant at camps in NY. He studied architecture and industrial arts at City College. Upon his return to the industry he loved, Richardson joined the carpenters union and quickly rose up the ranks from apprentice, to foreman, to superintendent, to general superintendent and vice president of a major interior construction firm.

From 1977 to 2003, he worked for a leading interior construction company and participated in the build-outs of such high profile clients as Goldman Sachs, Prudential Securities, Drexel Burnham, Chemical Bank and others.

Eventually, through a series of mergers, Richardson began working with a counterpart from one of the acquired firms, Steve Keriakos. Both men, who had tirelessly worked their ways up the ranks, shared a wealth of expertise, as well as common values and goals. In 2003, they founded National Interiors, a premier interior construction firm focusing on fine flooring systems and millwork.

Under their guidance, National Interiors has become the go-to resource for top commercial and residential developers, building owners, commercial tenants, homeowners, hospitals, schools and institutions. They continue to grow, venturing into interior fit-outs of drywall and acoustic ceilings.